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Career in Acting & Modeling

What the career of fine-arts hold for creative people ?
ACTING and MODELING brings, vived images of gifts, glamour and fame. A good break with success is either of these professionals in not only a dream come true but also brings international name and fame along with a rise in status to that of a social icon. These job profiles give satisfaction as your work gets appreciation worldwide.
The course provides mental peace and relaxation, keeps you physically fit, soothes mind and soul and finally leads you to make it your career

Q. What are the courses included in Balajee Academy of Talents?
Ans. Balajee Academy of Talents offers following courses.
» Diploma Courses
» Certificate Courses

Q. What are the Personal Attributes?
Ans. Acting: This field is more competitive as more and more youngsters want o get into this field. For a long and a prosperous career you need to sustain yourself. You need to have a lot of patience, strong belief in yourself, you need to polish your acting skills, which can be done by taking up a professional course.
Qualification will not matter much, all you have to do is give your best.
Modeling: This comes with cut throat competition, unpredictable work schedule and stress. So endurance and patience plays a vital role to survive and grow.
This Academy trains you in grooming, developing personality, make up tips and help you spruce your self confidence.

Q. Is it the right career for me?
Ans. Acting: Astonishing acting talent is absolutely essential. This talent is accompanied with other qualities like coordinated movements, a well modulated voice, a propensity for dancing and a god sence of rhythm. You must possess the ability to do different roles and with different sets of emotions without flaws.
Modeling: A Very Competitive career. To with stand hectic schedules you must have stamina along with patience and perseverance. Essential qualities hunted in an upcoming model are a healthy complexion, good height, good body structure and you must be photogenic.

Q. What are the Career Prospects?
Ans. Acting: As an actor, you can work for various theatre, T.V or radio channels. You can show your talent as a stage actor, appearing private videos and T.V. shows and commericials.
Modeling: Jobs in the fashion and the advertising industries.

Q. What is remuneration?
Ans. It depends totally on your ability. You can start from Rs 10,000/-The upper limit is unlimited as it depends your project to project. You can work on hourly, day or monthly basis.

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